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Professional Services for Teachers, Administrators, and School Families

Arc Professional Development helps teachers and school administrators make thoughtful and productive choices about the evolution of their careers. 


There are three ways to work with Arc in school placement:

Click the image above for a full-sized comparison of services.

Click the image above for a full-sized comparison of services.

1. School selection and presentation
To help launch a family’s school search, Peter will work with parents to review school records and other documents, and to make recommendations for specific schools and ways to approach the application calendar.

After Peter receives paperwork, he’ll schedule a conference with parents. That conference usually lasts about two hours, and includes sharing impressions of a student based on the paperwork available, gathering much more information, and helping parents to understand the process which students apply to schools.

After the conference, Peter will produce a report containing sections on major components of an application, including (as applicable) a student’s grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, and other considerations. The report is not merely a summary, but a detailed set of suggestions for ways to present an applicant to schools, based on Peter’s 15+ years of experience on both sides of the table — as a member of admission committees and as a director of school placement. Peter will also suggest a list of three to six schools, with profiles, that parents may use as a guide for their child’s application roster.

If parents decide at any point during the same school year to enter into a Comprehensive Counseling agreement (#2, below), all “School Selection” fees paid may be counted toward the fees for that agreement without penaltyThe fee for the School Selection service is $2,480, payable according to the contract here.

2. Comprehensive counseling
Comprehensive counseling includes all of the services described above, with greatly enhanced support, including meetings and conversations to address:

  • preparing a comprehensive list of schools and then paring that list to reasonable options
  • discussion and coaching on parent school visits and interviews
  • discussion and coaching on student school visits and interviews (as appropriate)
  • completing, reviewing, and submitting applications
  • making school choices from admission options
  • approaching wait-list decisions strategically
  • preparing for matriculation, if desired

If a current or prospective school has recommended or required a psycho-educational evaluation, the comprehensive fee also includes helping your family through that process (to the extent desired), from selecting an evaluator to interpreting and presenting results.

In most cases families find four to six meetings sufficient, but comprehensive counseling includes no set limits on time for meeting and communication.

The fee for comprehensive counseling is $3,980. There are no secrets or additional charges — you can see the contract for comprehensive counseling here.

3. Hourly consultation

Some families seek specific counsel about just a few aspects of the application process, about whether to begin the application process at all, about the probabilities of admission offers from particular schools, or about psycho-educational testing, to name a few topics. Others may benefit from a Selection and Positioning conference, and then additional follow-up during the application process scheduled as the need arises. The fee for consultation, outside of a formal agreement between us, is $300 per hour, billed in quarter-hour increments and payable at the time of service. If you decide at any point during the same school year to enter into a Comprehensive Counseling agreement (#2, above), all hourly fees paid may be counted toward the fees for that agreement without penalty.


  • Assessment of school records and other evaluation materials
  • Communication with teachers and administrators, tutors, learning specialists, psychologists, counselors, and other professionals as appropriate
  • Recommendations and counsel on psycho-educational evaluation when indicated
  • Recommendations regarding independent school standardized testing
  • Assistance with developing calendars for testing, school visits, and interviews
  • Creation of lists of recommended independent schools
  • Development and review of interviewing techniques and skills
  • Discussion and counsel on teacher and other recommendations
  • Review of application materials
  • Ongoing family communication


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